How to use face ID on your iPhone while wearing a mask (and what to do if it doesn’t work)

How to use face ID on your iPhone while wearing a mask (and what to do if it doesn’t work)

With the new iPhone X release came the long-awaited face ID feature. But what happens if you want to use it while wearing something on your face? Face ID allows users to unlock their phones and make purchases simply by looking at the screen with their eyes open; all you have to do is a glance at the device, and it will recognize your face. If you’re planning on using this feature while wearing something like a mask, though, there are some things you should keep in mind.

For first-time phone users

Face ID is a new way to unlock your iPhone using just your face. If you’re using an iPhone for the first time and want to set up Face ID, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode.
  2. Enter your passcode.
  3. Tap Set Up Face ID.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen. When you’re done, tap Done. You’ll be asked to rotate your head in all four directions so that the camera can capture data from different angles. You’ll also be asked to enter your passcode again. After that, Face ID will be activated with one of these phrases: Face ID is now enabled or Face ID requires attention.

If you wear glasses or have an asymmetrical appearance, you may have trouble setting up FaceID with this method. One solution is to remove your glasses before scanning your face; another option is to use Touch ID instead. It’s important to note that Face ID isn’t 100% foolproof- there are ways someone could potentially get around it. Apple suggests using a passcode as backup protection, but we suggest coming up with strong passwords for apps and online accounts too! If you find yourself having issues with Face ID not working, one of our experts has provided some advice below.

One cause for trouble might be due to your eyes being puffy from allergies or tiredness – this usually happens when you wake up in the morning.

For people who wear glasses, hats, or sunglasses

You can still use Face ID with most glasses, hats, and sunglasses. If you’re having trouble, make sure that your device is at least an arm’s length away from your face, that you’re not in direct sunlight, and that you’ve removed any glare from your glasses. If you’re still having trouble, try adjusting the position of your glasses or hat.

If you can’t get Face ID to work with your current outfit, you can always set up an alternate appearance in the Face ID settings. Go to Settings -> Face ID & Passcode -> Alternate Appearance -> Create New Appearance. After this, your password will be required before being able to access your phone under this new appearance. Keep in mind, though, that if you change your primary appearance later down the line, then these changes will apply to both appearances. That means you’ll have to create another alternate appearance once again if you want these new settings applied only to one particular look.

To delete an alternate appearance, go to Settings -> Face ID & Passcode -> Alternate Appearance -> Delete Current Appearance. Once deleted, you’ll need your passcode to recreate this specific alternative version of yourself.

And for people with long hair

If you have long hair, you may need to adjust the way you wear your hair so that Face ID can see your face. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure that your hair is not covering your forehead or ears.
  2. Pull back any long bangs.
  3. Tie up or pin back any long hair that might otherwise fall in front of your face.
  4. If you wear glasses, make sure that they don’t obscure your eyes or nose.

If it still doesn’t work

If you’re still having trouble, there are a few things you can try. First, make sure that you’re holding your phone close enough to your face. Second, try adjusting the position of your phone so that the sensor is in line with your eyes. Third, make sure that there’s nothing blocking the sensor (like a case or screen protector). Fourth, clean the sensor with a soft, dry cloth.

If you’re still having trouble, you can disable Face ID and use a passcode instead. You can also change the conditions for unlocking your phone by going to Settings -> Face ID & Passcode -> Change Conditions For Unlocked Phone. You can set up different conditions for each time of day or location where you might wear a disguise.

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