Why Windows 11 is a Game Changer for Windows on Arm

Why Windows 11 is a Game Changer for Windows on Arm

Microsoft’s announcement of Windows 11 this week created a lot of excitement, but not just because it’s the latest version of the world’s most used operating system (though that’s reason enough to be excited). This newest update has many people talking about Windows on Arm again, too—and rightly so. Windows on Arm devices are known for giving people the ability to seamlessly use desktop apps on mobile devices. The question now is how will Windows 11 improve this already impressive technology? Keep reading to find out!


10+ years

Windows 11 is a game changer for Windows on Arm. Here’s why Microsoft is making it easier than ever to port software from other platforms to the Windows on Arm platform.

In the past, cross-platform porting was complex and expensive, but with its latest software development kit (SDK), Microsoft has created tools that make it simple and quick to port an app from iOS or Android over to Windows on Arm! Microsoft claims that developers can get their apps up and running in as little as 15 minutes by using its free toolchain based on the popular Apache Cordova framework. This means that there will be more big name apps available for ARM-based devices, which should lead to higher quality devices and increased competition in the market place, driving prices down even further.



Windows 11 is a game changer for Windows on Arm because it will bring more big name apps to the platform. This is huge for users who want to be able to use their favorite apps on their smartphone. Not only will this increase the number of apps available, but it will also improve the quality of apps available. This is because developers will be more likely to put more effort into developing an app for a platform that has more users. In addition, Windows 11 will also support 64-bit apps,

which means that even more high-quality apps will be available for users. For instance, one new feature is that there will now be a Playable mode so gamers can play games in smaller chunks. Finally, Windows 11 includes another major new feature: The desktop UI mode and shell are being revamped with improved visuals and gestures. Developers will have access to APIs like Ink and Cortana to provide richer functionality with less work needed from them in order to integrate these features.


Windows 11 is a game changer for Windows on Arm laptops and tablets. For the first time, Microsoft is bringing its full desktop operating system to devices with Arm processors. This means that users will finally be able to run all their favorite apps and programs on their Arm-based devices. It also opens up more avenues for app developers who have been hesitant to invest in developing for this platform.

In addition, this move enables PC manufacturers such as HP, Lenovo, Asus and Dell to bring out more new models of laptops/tablets with Arm processors without being limited by software limitations.

Desktop PCs

Windows on Arm has been around for a while, but it hasn’t been able to break into the mainstream due to the lack of big name apps. However, with Windows 11, that’s all about to change. With Microsoft’s new app store, there will be more and more high quality apps available for Windows on Arm devices. This is a huge deal because it means that finally, there will be a real alternative to Intel-powered PCs.

Not only that, but Arm-powered PCs will be able to run all the same apps as Intel-powered PCs, making them even more appealing. For example, if you are using an app like Photoshop or Lightroom, they will work just as well on an Arm PC as they would on an Intel PC. What this means is that now there really is no excuse not to use Windows 10 – it’ll just work!

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